On the 27th, Changwon NC Park. The reporter entered the stadium at around 1:30 pm to cover a professional baseball match between the LG Twins and NC Dinos at 5 pm that day and witnessed a different scene than usual. District officials were talking with the detectives, and the atmosphere seemed a bit chaotic.

And before LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop’s briefing, the reporter obtained information from officials that referee Yoon Sang-won, who was supposed to serve as the center referee in this game, was not coming to the stadium. He hadn’t heard the exact reason at the time.

The reason became known shortly after. It is because Judge Yoon received a terrorist threat online. He is the person who saw the second baseman in the LG-NC game held at the same place the day before (26th).

Referee Yoon Sang-won could not avoid the ground ball hit by Park Kun-woo at the bottom of the 9th inning when LG was leading 5-3, with 2 out and 1 base. According to the rule that if the ball hits the umpire before the fielder, it becomes an infield hit, and after that, LG knelt 5-7, giving Jason Martin and Kwon Hee-dong 1 RBI, a timely hit, and 3 runs to end the reverse. .

Even when the broadcast screen was enlarged, the ball clearly seemed to have grazed Judge Yoon’s foot. It was regrettable that he could not completely avoid the ball, but there was no problem with the situation afterwards because referee Yoon Sang-won and other referees handled it according to the rules. However, LG fans couldn’t help but be angry as the result of the game they thought they had won was turned into defeat. It’s been quite possible up to this point.

However, the ‘act of crossing the line’ of some ignorant people became a problem. Online, they predicted terrorism to Judge Yoon and his family.

The aftermath was great. In preparation for an unexpected situation, the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) refereeing committee did not include referee Yoon Sang-won in the game. Four detectives dispatched from Masan Dongbu Police Station continued to patrol in the dugout and in the stands.

In particular, one of the reasons why this incident cannot be overlooked is that the indiscriminate warning of terrorism has recently become a major problem in Korean society. Articles predicting heinous crimes, such as murder, are spreading like a trend online, and this is clearly an antisocial crime, not just a joke.

The baseball field was no exception. On the 5th, a series of posts were posted predicting terror attacks at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan and Samsung Lions Park in Daegu. Fortunately, it did not spread to something unpleasant, but this caused tension in the baseball field at the time, and the police troops who came out on patrol had to sweat in the heat.

It is known that Judge Yoon, the ‘victim’ of this case, is also having a hard time. In a phone call with MK Sports on the 28th, referee chairman Heo Woon said, “The police contacted me and asked for all family contact information, including my parents.” It’s right, so it’s not wrong to say it was right. The part that can be criticized as an obvious mistake must be criticized justly. But being threatened while talking about my family like this is shocking to the referees,” he sighed.

The government and the police are strengthening the punishment for this phenomenon that has been happening lately, but it is true that the effectiveness is still low. A more powerful mace is desperately needed to stop these things from spreading like wildfire.메이저놀이터

Considering that those who do these things in the sports world are a small number of extreme fans, it is necessary to discipline each club. In April 2021, in the English Premier League (PL), Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur) received racist terror from Manchester United fans through social media, and the Manchester United club banned them from entering the stadium for life.

In addition, the majority of fans absolutely do not, but the perception of a small number of people with wrong ideas should also change. Of course, the importance of fans in professional sports is very important. However, even if you are a fan, of course, actions that cross the line are not allowed. Fans should also respect players and field officials as people to people and keep their duty.

It was an incident that had a lot of repercussions in many ways in the recent heinous social atmosphere. I hope this never happens again in the sports world.

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