Preview 2023 spring season, Demacia Cup qualifiers have begun.

On the 14th, LPL will host the biggest winter esports competition, the Demacia Cup. In addition to the 17 teams of the LPL, it is the largest tournament in China’s League of Legends, where independent teams from the second team, amateurs, and professional trainees gather together.

In particular, in the game scheduled from 3:00 p.m. on the 14th, players from the 2nd independent team, which are well known to LPL fans, will participate.

3pm LYA-Team Pinnacle ‘Wayward Contender’

In Team Pinnacle’s match, top laner ‘1024’ Li-Shang is relatively famous. 1024 is a player with a history of working with Wayward (then jungler), the top laner of Top Esports (TES), in the TES 2nd team.

However, he left the team at the end of January 2020, and after about two years, at the age of 23, he will challenge the professional stage again. 토토사이트 The news of the participation makes me curious about the process of how he was able to join the LDL again because of what kind of development he had achieved over the past two years.

His team, Pinnacle, will have a match against LYA (LPL YOUYH ACADEMY), a trainee team, at 3:00 PM.

5:00 pm Dowi-LML ‘Revenge for

Woozi’ Ryu Si-wi, famous even to domestic fans, is back to avenge Woozi.

At 5:00 p.m., a face-to-face confrontation with pride between the platforms of MLXG’s Huya broadcaster team (LML) and the provincial broadcaster team (DYU) will take place.

In particular, in addition to the platform confrontation in this game, the two players bound by ‘Uzi’ are expected to point their swords at each other.

Last July, Uzi expressed anger at the ‘abuse’ towards him during the solo queue in China. According to reports from broadcast viewers at the time, the abusing user was known as ‘Alielie’, a player from the OMG 2nd division. Because of this, Woozi, who was unable to practice, expressed his dissatisfaction with the current situation of LDL, where ‘match fixing’ is prevalent even in solo rank.

MLXG was a player who led RNG with Uzi until 2018. In particular, in the 2018 Asian Games, he played a decisive role in helping China win the championship along with Uzi with his unique aggressive game coordination ability.

Will Woozi’s colleague, MLXG’s ‘revenge battle’ end in success?

In addition to this, in the follow-up match, Tian “New” Ji-feng (Qing Ji-wu), who played an active role as a colleague of Ucal, Fang “Gabi” Jia-wei (MAX), who created LGD’s “Gwen Jinx”, and Insulator, who are considered LDL’s ​​unlucky mid-liners. Notable players such as ‘Xiao Chaobao’ Liang Jian (YM) will continue to play.

On the other hand, the first round of the finals, where LPL teams will join in earnest, will start on the 18th, and the teams that will be familiar with LCK fans will join the competition in earnest from the quarterfinals on the 21st.

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