There are still many options. The important thing is the heart of Cho Kyu-seong (Jeonbuk Hyundai).

On the 6th, Ki-Young Yoon, CEO of InfoKorea, the representative of Kyu-Sung Cho, told Spotify News, “There was an offer from Meatwillan in early May, but at the time, I rejected it. “he said.

Mittjylland is one of the strongest in the Danish Superliga and has won three regular league titles. It is a team that has often appeared in the European Football Federation Champions League (UCL). In the new season, they are advancing to the second qualifying round of the Europa Conference League (UECL). To advance to the finals, they have to go through the 3rd round of qualifiers and playoffs.오래된 토토사이트

Representative Yoon admitted that there were offers from Leicester City and Watford in addition to Blackburn, saying, “At first, Cho Kyu-seong did not like Meatwillan. It was because the English second division club was better.”

Then why did the situation suddenly develop? Representative Yoon explained, “We decided to respect Kyu-Sung Cho’s intention. There was also a rapport with Jeonbuk Director Park Ji-Sung.” It means that after talking with Park Ji-sung, he made up his mind on Meatwillan and changed his attitude to help him.

An official from the Jeonbuk club also said, “It is true that we are struggling with Mittwillan’s proposal. However, nothing has been decided yet. It would be correct to say that negotiations are ongoing.”

Cho Kyu-sung scored two goals with his head against Ghana in the Qatar World Cup group stage last year, establishing himself as a special star. Last January, in the winter transfer market, I had a noisy time over a European transfer, and after much consideration, I chose to stay in Jeonbuk.

At the time, Cho Kyu-sung received offers from Celtic (Scotland), Mainz, Cologne (Germany), and Minnesota (USA), but he rejected them all. My body wasn’t built properly, and I thought it was better to transfer in the summer to build organizational skills through pre-season. There was also advice from Director Park.

This is Cho Kyu-seong, who left the team due to a calf injury in the process of digesting an A-match in March and focused on rehabilitation for two months. It is known that interest in him naturally faded, but his performance has improved again, such as scoring a goal recently, and transfer offers have come in one by one.

His transfer fee is around 2.5 million pounds (approximately 4.1 billion won). It is different from the 5 million pounds (approximately 8.3 billion won) offered by clubs who were interested in Cho Kyu-sung’s ransom last winter. Regarding this, an official familiar with the European transfer market said, “I understand that the transfer of Cho Kyu-sung to Meatwillan was carried out by Italian Luca Basherini, an agent of Patrice Evra, who has a close relationship with Park Ji-sung. It means that Luca arranged Meatwillan himself.” said.

An agent working in Europe also said, “Cho Kyu-seong was interested in Portugal and the Netherlands, so-called top selling league clubs that frequently leak players. “He is a player with value,” he said.

Entering the Premier League through well-known Mittjyllan is not an easy task. Being a satellite club in Brentford (England) does not mean that the owner is the same and there is no exchange of players, but at most one person goes to Brentford per season. Last season, goalkeeper Jonas Rössl was loaned to Brentford, but he was pushed back by David Raya and headed back to Mittjylland.

In addition, the transfer of players has become even more difficult as the owner of Matthew Benham recently announced that the management of both clubs will be independent of each other. Even advancing to the big leagues through small and medium leagues means you have to watch the team. It is entirely up to Cho Kyu-sung whether to start from a somewhat inferior league among the selling leagues or to wait and choose the transfer market, which is open until the end of August.

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