Incheon Shinhan Bank Sbird won 74-72 in a match against Asan Woori Bank Woori WON in the 5th round of the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball Regular League held at Incheon Dowon Gymnasium on the 30th.

With this victory, Shinhan Bank (11-10) 메이저놀이터 increased the gap with 5th place KB (8-14) to 3.0 games and took a joint third place. It also became the first team to win more than two times this season against Woori Bank. Leading Woori Bank (18-3) lost to Shinhan Bank in the 4th and 5th rounds, failing to reduce the regular league championship magic number from 4.

Shinhan Bank won the victory with Sonia Kim, who was responsible for the final score, with 25 points and 12 rebounds against her former team. Han Chae-jin scored 15 points and Kim Jin-young scored 10 points. 

For Woori Bank, Go A-ra made a surprise performance with 23 points, and Kim Jong-un scored 17 points, but was defeated. 

Shinhan Bank, which launched an attack at a fast tempo in the beginning of the game, scored with Sonia Kim and Taeyeon Kim. Even Kim Jin-young added strength and the score gap widened further. When Woori Bank changed the atmosphere with Park Ji-hyun’s 3-point shot, Shinhan Bank responded with Han Chae-jin.

Shinhan Bank, riding on momentum, beat Woori Bank with Sonia Kim and Ah-reum Kim’s 3-point shot. Shinhan Bank, which shook the opponent’s defense, ended the first quarter with a score of 28-18. 

In Woori Bank, Go Ara, who performed well in the first quarter, led the attack in the second quarter and pursued it. However, Shinhan Bank also scored with Lee Kyung-eun’s sharp pass following her 3-point shot.

Taking advantage of Shinhan Bank’s slowdown in the midst of the hassle, Woori Bank started pursuing with Kim Jong-un at the fore. Shinhan Bank, who had a poor finish, finished the first half with a score of 38-31. 

At the beginning of the 3rd quarter, both teams played a hard-fought battle with an even distribution of points side by side. When Woori Bank pressed Kim Dan-bi and Kim Jong-un for scoring, Shinhan Bank faced Sonia Kim as the center. Woori Bank, who was sluggish Kim Dan-bi, revived, even added Go A-ra’s 3-point shot, but allowed Han Chae-jin to shoot.

Shinhan Bank, which did not hand over the initiative, put in a 3-point shot to Sonia Kim. Shinhan Bank, which Han Chae-jin and Kim A-reum added strength, finished the third quarter with 63-55.

Woori Bank, who could hardly shorten the score gap, turned the tide with Go Ara struggling at the beginning of the 4th quarter. However, Woori Bank faced bad news in which Park Ji-hyun temporarily missed due to an injury in the pursuit atmosphere, and Han Chae-jin immediately created an Andone play. Shinhan Bank, who continued the lead, ran away with an 8-point lead with 3 minutes left in the end with Kim Ah-reum’s 3-point shot.

However, Woori Bank did not collapse easily. With Danbi Kim and Go Ara scoring under the goal, the game went into an unknown aspect again. Woori Bank, which did not miss Shinhan Bank’s slowdown, caught up with a 1-point lead with Kim Dan-bi’s 3-point shot. 

Woori Bank, which continued to fail in subsequent attacks and could not overcome the hurdle, blocked Shinhan Bank’s attack, and Choi Lee-sam scored a come-from-behind goal. This was Woori Bank’s first lead of the day. 

However, the goddess of victory went to Shinhan Bank. Shinhan Bank took the lead again with Sonia Kim succeeding in a dramatic and one play in an attack where fate was at stake. Woori Bank’s last attack failed, and Shinhan Bank achieved a reversal victory.

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