A new bill is being proposed in Broward County, Florida to allow doctors and police to access a database that would enable them to monitor an individual’s use of prescription drugs. With 1,324 people killed by prescription drugs in Florida in the first six months of 2007 – compare this to the 470 who died from cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines – this bill can’t be enacted too soon. I don’t know how many people need prescription drug detox in Florida, but you can bet that if 1,324 people died from using them, there are hundreds of thousands who could be headed in the same direction.

database is already available to doctors, pharmacists and police in other states, but this would be the first Florida County to adopt its use. It would be used to monitor ‘doctor 바카라사이트  shopping’ – going from one doctor to another, faking symptoms or doing whatever you have to do to get a prescription. Obviously, anyone who’s going this far to get drugs is at least physically dependent, if not addicted. Either way, they should probably be in drug detox or drug rehab, not looking for more drugs.

While there are definitely unethical doctors around who will prescribe drugs to just about anyone who walks in the door – not to mention those who’ve made fuelling addictions into their second, and probably more profitable, career – the vast majority of doctors are well-intentioned and would be horrified at the idea of having caused or fuelled an addiction, especially one that ended in death. If doctors can access this database, they can help get patients who come to them for drugs into a drug detox center instead.

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