Samsung Lions pitcher David Buchanan splendidly decorated the last game of the first half.

Buchanan started against the KIA Tigers in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Champions Field in Gwangju on the 13th and recorded 4 hits, 8 strikeouts, 4 walks and 1 run in 9 innings, leading the team to a 4-1 victory and winning 7 seasons (6 losses). ) was harvested. Samsung ended the first half of the season with a 6-game losing streak against KIA.

Buchanan went on the mound in the ninth inning, aiming for his third KBO shutout, but gave up an RBI grounder to Na Seong-beom at the 1st out, 2nd and 3rd bases and conceded a run. Nevertheless, Buchanan did not waver and finished the game with 119 pitches. It was the 4th individual KBO complete win and the first no-4 pitch complete win.

On this day, Buchanan kept 9 innings without showing signs of fatigue even though he took the mound after a 4-day break for the third time in the season. Before the game, Samsung coach Park Jin-man expressed his gratitude to Ace, saying, “I had an interview with Buchanan, and he said he was fine. In a difficult situation for the team, the responsibility of being the first starter is great.”메이저사이트

Pitching coach Jung Hyeon-wook, who knows Buchanan’s fighting spirit, came up to the mound in the ninth inning with one out on second and third base and did not talk to him about replacing him. He returned to the dugout instead, leaving behind the advice that he “don’t try to do more than you can, no matter the situation, whatever the outcome, focus on the hitter and go aggressive.” After the game, coach Park said, “Starter Buchanan led the team to victory by showing perfect pitching like an ace.”

Buchanan, whom I met after the game, smiled relievedly as he loosened the laces of his spiked shoes that had been tight throughout the game. It was uncomfortable because it was tied longer than other times, but it didn’t show a tired expression. Buchanan, who climbed the mound in the ninth inning after throwing 102 pitches up to the eighth inning, said, “I didn’t feel any pressure or difficulty at all because I only had to throw one more inning after the eighth inning.”

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