There are fewer .30 hitters, but foreign hitters are even rarer.

As of the 18th, there are a total of 8 hitters with a batting average of 30% in Nippon Professional Baseball: 5 in the Central League and 3 in the Pacific League. In the Central League, Toshiro Miyazaki (Yokohama Baystars), Ryosuke Nishikawa (Hiroshima Carp), Yuki Okabayashi (Chunichi Dragons), Domingo Santana (Yakult Swallows), and Takumu Nakano (Hanshin Tigers) maintain 30%.온라인카지노

In the Pacific League, Dongu Yuma (Orix Buffaloes), Yanagita Yuki, and Kondo Kensuke (Softbank Hawks) exceeded 30%.

Miyazaki, who had been hitting 40% until the middle of the first half, fell to 30% and 309, and continues to rank first in both leagues. The Yomiuri Giants are the only Central League player without a 300 hitter. Kazuma Okamoto, who is the fourth hitter and leads the home run, is sixth with a .298.

The Pacific League has a good mound. The Nippon Ham Fighters, Rakuten Eagles, Seibu Lions, and Chiba Lotte Marines do not have a 30% hitter. The influence of the pitcher is great.

Chiba Lotte’s Hisanori Yasuda is ranked first in the team with a 25%, and Shuta Tonosaki is the first in the team with a 25%.

Last year, Murakami Munetaka (Yakult), who won the Central League batting average, home run, and RBI’three crowns’, has a strong presence.

fell a lot He has been batting .300 since July, but his season batting average is still sitting at .263. He came in 20th with a pull-up. It fell by more than 5 pennies from last year’s 3.1 pennies and 8 ri.

Matsumoto Go (Nihon Ham), the 2022 Pacific League batting king, is recording 304 700 ri last year and 206 900 this year. He is second on the team and seventh in the league.

Last season, there were a total of six .30 hitters. There were no foreign hitters in the top 10 in batting in either league.

What stands out is the disappearance of foreign batters. Santana is the only foreign hitter in the 20th place in the Central League, and David McKinnon (Seibu) is the only one in the Pacific League. Santana is 3.6 and McKinnon is 2.5 6.

Santana, who joined Yakult in 2021, is looking at the first 300 in his third year. He hit 12 homers and had 46 RBIs.

McKinnon, who joined Seibu last winter, has hit 12 homers, leading the team. Seibu is the last in batting average among 12 Japanese professional baseball teams. 203 pennies 2 li.

The first reason for the weakness of foreign hitters is a strong mound. Until a few years ago, foreign batters played an active role as a core power in the center line, but the proportion has fallen significantly.

For a long time, Japanese pitchers have been known for their strengths in precise control and excellent command of breaking balls. But lately, even the restraint has improved. Most of the top pitchers attack batters with breaking balls such as forkballs while throwing fast balls in the mid-to-late 150km/h speed range.

Japanese media explains that it is more difficult for foreign hitters to adapt to Japanese pitchers from the first year. This means that the level of the league is higher than before and the power has become solid.

It is difficult to actively recruit competitive players. Still, batters who have been active in the minor leagues and major leagues, or who have been active mainly in the minor leagues, choose to go to Japan. There is also an effect of the high player ransom.

Meanwhile, in the KBO League, Guillermo Heredia (SSG Landers) and Austin Dean (LG Twins), two foreign batters, are in the top 10 in batting. Heredia is second with 3332, and Austin is eighth with 312.00.

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