Jeonbuk Hyundai has reinforced their strikers in the post-Cho Kyu-sung era. 

Jeonbuk announced on the 20th, “We recruited Park Jae-yong (23), a representative striker for the Asian Games from FC Anyang, and Yoon Do-won (22), a striker from Jeonju University.”토토사이트

Park Jae-yong, who had been active at Incheon University for two years as a native of Anyang Youth Priority, was called up to Anyang in 2022 and made his professional debut.

Park Jae-yong, who is 193cm tall and is good at post play, played in 21 games (2 points) in his debut season and had a good debut season.

Park Jae-yong has grown into the team’s main striker, even scoring in the 2023 season, and was selected for the Hangzhou Asian Games national team based on his performance in the league.

Park Jae-yong was active in Anyang for two seasons, participating in 39 league games and recording 8 points and 1 assist.

In particular, Park Jae-yong, from Anyang U18, debuted in Anyang and moved to Jeonbuk, and walked the same career in the same position as Cho Kyu-seong, drawing more attention as a post-Cho Kyu-seong.

Park Jae-yong said, “It is an honor to join the best team in the K-League.”

Also, Yoon Do-won, who is 198cm tall and has a strong body condition, who joined Park Jae-yong, is a 3rd year player at Jeonju University from Kwangdong High School in Uijeongbu. 

Yoon Do-won, who can play as a frontline striker and central defender, is a player who excels at heading and fighting based on his excellent physique.

Yoon Do-won said, “I will become a source of energy for the team with the spirit of a newcomer.”

On the other hand, Park Jae-yong was assigned number 10, which was Jo Kyu-seong’s bib number, and Yoon Do-won was assigned number 50.

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