Jeonbuk Hyundai, which is struggling desperately this winter to reclaim the throne that it gave away to Ulsan Hyundai, has even seized the future.

An official familiar with the 메이저사이트 K-League transfer market told Sports Chosun on the 20th, “Jeonbuk has succeeded in recruiting Oh Jae-hyeok from Bucheon FC. The medical test has been completed. An announcement will be made soon.” Jeonbuk, which is busy trying to recapture the champion this winter, is bringing in ‘supernova’ Jaehyuk Oh, solving the ‘under 22 player’ card problem, as well as accelerating the generational change.

Oh Jae-hyeok, born in 2002, is a next-generation midfielder that Korean soccer is paying attention to. He is 1m70-60kg and his physique is not large, but his sophisticated technique and excellent sense stand out. He is especially good at his mobility and exerts an influence across his karate and offense. Oh Jae-hyeok, from Pohang Jecheol Middle School and Pohang Jecheol High School, entered the K-League stage through Pohang Steelers in 2021, but was immediately loaned to Bucheon. This became a ‘God’s move’. Oh Jae-hyuk left a strong impression with an appearance that was not like a rookie. In 2021, Oh Jae-hyuk, who played 19 games in the league and FA Cup, was recognized for his ability and made a full transfer to Bucheon through a trade with Gun Park.

Last season, Oh Jae-hyeok showed off his more mature skills. He appeared in 33 matches and recorded 2 goals-3 assists. Oh Jae-hyeok played an active part as the team’s ace and led the team from last place to the playoffs. Bucheon lost to Gyeongnam in the semi-playoffs, and the gap for Oh Jae-hyeok, who was missing due to injury, was felt so great. Based on this performance, Oh Jae-hyeok was named Hwang Seon-hong. Oh Jae-hyeok is already being classified as a key member of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Jeonbuk sent a love call to Jaehyuk Oh. Jeonbuk, which needed a creative and technical midfielder due to the departure of Kunimoto and the aging of Lee Seung-gi and Kim Bo-kyung, contacted Jae-hyuk Oh and met the needs of Jae-hyuk Oh, who wanted to challenge in the K-League 1. In particular, Jeonbuk was evaluated as weak in the ‘U-22’ card, which is compulsory compared to other teams, but the recruitment of Oh Jae-hyuk solved this problem at once. Oh Jae-hyuk is expected to establish himself as a built-in starting member next season.

This summer, Jeonbuk is continuing its ‘storm recruiting’, including Jun Amano, Lee Dong-jun, Kim Gun-woong, and Jung Min-ki. Jeonbuk, including Oh Jae-hyuk, are now accelerating the recruitment of center backs and foreign strikers. In the case of foreign strikers, they are known as players with abilities and careers that exceed current resources. If these are added, Jeonbuk will build a watertight power.