The rookie draft is based on one-year increments. Each generation decides which position is strongest that year, so it’s important to plan your draft strategy every two years or so.

Currently, many teams are in need of outfielders. For example, Kia’s catcher, Hanwha’s shortstop, and LG’s second baseman. Especially this year, there is a lot of excitement around the outfield, with Moon Hyun-bin (Hanwha) and Kim Min-seok (Lotte) showing immediate power.

Of course, there are also good players this year. Catcher Lee Sang-jun (Gyeonggi Go), shortstop Park Ji-hwan (Se AD), and second baseman Jung Ahn-seok 메이저사이트 (Whimungo) are the biggest names in their respective positions. For corner outfielders, Lee Seung-min (Whimungo) is the most highly regarded. Ideally, you’ll want to draft these players in the first round if you’re looking for immediate availability this year. But it doesn’t have to be this year. Next year could be the best pool of players ever, so it’s okay to wait.

For starters, there are a lot of shortstop options. There are several players who are already being talked about as top picks.

Duksugo’s “sophomore infield trio” are all in the running for top picks at this point. They are Woo Jung-an at third base, Bae Seung-soo at shortstop, and Park Jun-soon at second base. Woo is a right-handed bat with good power and a great throwing arm. Second baseman Park Jun-soon has been on a tear lately. He’s currently batting a whopping .470. That’s a huge number in the Seoul area. This is because the standard in Seoul is much higher than in other parts of the country.

Many amayague officials say that Park is the real deal. “He’s a second baseman right now, but he’s a player to watch,” said Mo. He has a lot of baseball sense.”

Shortstop Bae Seung-soo is a shortstop who is not small in stature and boasts a stable defense. The ironclad infield of these three players led Deoksugo to the first championship of the Shinsegae E-Mart Baseball. Their positions are divided into second, third, and shortstop, but all three can also play shortstop. In addition, all three have great hitting ability. This makes the infield trio a force to be reckoned with.

They”re not the only ones. There are plenty of good infielders in the provinces as well. Shortstop Park Chan-yeop already has the defense to beat most third graders. In the semifinals of the Golden Lion, he made a spectacular defensive play that made many observers roll their eyes. At the national tournament, Busan Go won both the phoenix and golden lion titles with Park in the lineup.

This shows how important he is to the team. If we were to look at shortstop defense alone, he would be at the top of the list.

Then there’s Lee Sun-woo (sophomore, Chung-Ang University). Lee has been in a slump this season. He seems to have completely lost his pace when he entered the intensive defense. But he’s basically been one of the best baseball players in the Seoul area since he was in middle school, and he had such an impactful freshman year that he’s on the radar of many scouts. He is also considered a top pick for next season. In particular, he has a great bat.

Yushin also has two very good infielders. Oh Seo-jin and Shim Jae-hoon. Oh Seo-jin (a sophomore at Yushin) is from Suwon Bukjoong and is about 187 centimeters tall. However, he has good shoulders and smooth defense and throwing motion, so many people are expecting him to be a big shortstop like Lee Hak-joo (Lotte) when he goes to the United States. The same goes for Shim Jae-hoon (a sophomore at Yushin) 토토꽁포인트. He is a resource who alternates with Oh Seo-jin at shortstop, but he also has great defense and is a good defender. He has a .308 batting average this year.

Other players like Bae Jae-go’s Yang Jung-woo, Whimungo’s Yeom Seung-won, and Kyungdong’s Lee Tae-hoon have already been recognized as good infielders in their age group.

There are also many good catchers. If you look at the defense side, the number one is Lee Yul-ye (sophomore at Gangneung High School). He is considered one of the best catchers in the country, even among third graders. He is currently considered the No. 1 player on the youth national team. He is currently taking a break after playing full-time for the Shinsegae E-Mart Bae, Golden Lion, and National Championship qualifiers. She has a batting average of over 4%. His blocking and throwing are quite good. She also traveled to the United States last year as a bullpen catcher for the youth national team.

Lee Han-rim (sophomore, Jeonju) is the epitome of an offensive catcher. He made a big impression as an offensive catcher with two home runs in the Myungmyeong High School Baseball Heat. He is currently out of the lineup with a wrist injury, but is a highly anticipated resource.

In the Seoul area, we have Gyeonggi Sang-go Han Ji-yoon. He’s a long player at 6-foot-2, but he has good shoulders and good hitting ability. He has one home run this year, a grand slam for Shinsegae Mart. He was also selected for the Hanwha Eagles All-Star Game.

Masan also has a good catcher named Shin Min-woo (sophomore at Masan High School). He also has good shoulders and decent hitting ability.

For each team, there are certain positions that they want to prioritize. If you want a catcher with good offense and defense, Lee Yul-ye is a good choice.

If you’re looking for a second baseman, players like Park Jun-soon or Shim Jae-hoon are good options. If you’re looking for a tall third baseman and shortstop, Oh Seo-jin stands out.

If you’re looking for an offensive second baseman, Lee Sun-woo and Woo Jung-an are two options. Not only do they have offense, but they also have strong shoulders and are both right-handed hitting options. Right-handed hitters are even scarcer.

If you prioritize defense that you can use in the pros, players like Park Chan-yup and Bae Seung-soo are perfect.

For the next few years, the draft will be crucial to the fate of professional baseball. As the population of baseball is shrinking, there are already signs that the sport is facing a shortage of players.

Missing out on the last few golden years of the game could mean a long period of stagnation for your team. That’s why it’s important to start planning now, not only for this year, but also for next season.

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