‘Iron Pillar’ Kim Min-jae (27), who is leaving the training center on the 6th, is expected to announce his official joining of ‘Germany’s prestigious’ Bayern Munich this weekend or early next week at the earliest.

Reporter Fabrizio Romano, an expert in the European transfer market, posted on his SNS on the 4th (Korean time), “Minjae Kim is scheduled to undergo a medical test in Munich.” said.안전놀이터

Kim Min-jae, who is currently undergoing basic military training at the Army Training Center, is scheduled to leave on the 6th. He is expected to undergo a medical test immediately after moving to Germany on the 7th. If the medical test goes smoothly, ‘Clothing Ficial’ is expected to be released on the weekend at the earliest or early and mid-next week at the latest.

In particular, since Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause is valid until the 15th, it is important for Munich to complete the transfer process quickly.

As soon as he moved to Italy’s Serie A Napoli last season, Kim Min-jae became the starting center back and led the team to the championship in 33 years. Big clubs did not leave Kim Min-jae alone. A fierce competition was held to recruit him, and it seems that the final destination is decided in Munich.

The price is also expected to rise significantly. ‘Sky Sports’ said, “Kim Min-jae will receive up to 12 million euros (17.1 billion won) a year from Munich.” It is 3 to 4 times the annual salary of 3.21 million euros (4.6 billion won) known to have been received at Naples.

The market value has already skyrocketed. According to Transfermarkt, a site specializing in transfers, Kim Min-jae’s market value in March rose to 60 million euros (approximately 85.5 billion won) last month. He has surpassed Son Heung-min (Tottenham), who is valued at 50 million euros, and has risen to the top Asian ransom player.

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