The Los Angeles Angels gained momentum when Mike Trout, considered the best hitter in the MLB, returned. With Trout and Shohei Ohtani’s hard hitting line, I thought I could rekindle the wild card race again.온라인카지노

However, after appearing against the Cincinnati Reds on the 23rd (Korean time), Trout missed the double header on the 24th. The reason was pain in the left wrist, the club said.

Trout has missed 38 games this season with an injury. However, he returned to the big leagues straight away without any minor league rehab. This is because the Angels’ hopes of advancing to the fall baseball stage were gradually fading.

But as soon as I returned, it hurt again.

Shohei Ohtani also started as a starting pitcher and designated hitter in the first game of the double header on the 24th, but was forced to withdraw after 1.1 innings due to ‘arm fatigue’ in the second inning.

Ohtani easily blocked it with a triple strike in the first inning.

He also hit a two-run four in the first inning at the plate. It is the 44th home run of the season. He overtook Matt Olson (Atlanta Braves) to become the MLB all-time home run leader again.

However, Ohtani, who came to the mound twice as a pitcher, suddenly complained of arm fatigue at first base and went down from the mound.

Ohtani was also replaced with a pinch hitter in his at-bat in the third inning.

The Angels gave up Game 1 of the doubleheader to Cincinnati.

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