Heo Woong took first place in the All-Star fan vote as if it were natural. That’s a difference of 46,289 votes from the second place. However, it fell short of 60% of the vote due to a difference of 155 votes.

KBL announced the results of the All-Star fan vote, which was held from the 21st of last month to 10:00 am on the 16th of last month. In this fan vote, in which 237,716 토토 people participated, the third-highest ever, Heo Woong received 142,475 votes and enjoyed the honor of winning first place for the second year in a row and the fourth time in his personal career.

In particular, there are 46,289 more votes than second place Lee Dae-seong with 96,186 votes. This is the largest gap between 1 and 2 in history. The previous record was 33,848 votes (Heo Woong 163,850 votes, Heo Hoon 130,002 votes), which Heo Woong had last season.

The 46,289 votes are not much different from the 48,811 votes of 24th place Ronjay Avarientos, which is the last line to participate in the All-Star Game.

For reference, the hottest competition for first place was 279 votes (14,504 Oh Se-geun, 14,25 Yang Dong-geun votes) from the 2014-2015 season all-star fan vote.

As of 10:15 on the 21st of last month, when the all-star fan voting just started, Heo Woong took first place with 153 votes (189 votes), and has consistently dominated the first place.

Heo Woong’s first place was so natural. The concern was whether they could fill 60% of the votes. Heo Woong’s vote rate, which fell below 60% four days after the voting began, began to rebound after hitting the lowest point of 58.6%, but stopped at 59.9%.

Heo Woong, who had over 60% of the votes (63.3%, 63.4%, 62.0%) in the last three fan votes, missed 60% of the votes this time by a difference of 155 votes.

In the future, there is a high possibility that Heo Woong will monopolize the No. 1 spot in the All-Star fan vote. Now, the concern is whether Lee Sang-min, who has been ranked first in the all-star fan vote for 9 consecutive seasons, will break the record for the most number one.

The player who will keep Heo Woong in check is Heo Hoon, who is currently serving in the Armed Forces Sports Unit. Heo Hoon took first place in the 2019-2020 season and 2020-2021 season All-Star fan vote, and last season he was second after Heo Woong.

Heo Hoon, who is scheduled to be discharged on November 15, 2023, can be nominated if the All-Star fan vote for next season begins around the same time as this season.