Professional football K League 2 Busan IPark will accompany veteran midfielder Park Jong-woo (34) in the new season.

Busan announced on the 21st, “We have signed a renewal contract with Park Jong-woo and will be together in the 2023 season.”

Park Jong-woo, who started his professional career by joining Busan with the first pick in the 2010 rookie draft, was selected for the 2012 London 스포츠토토 Olympic team and helped Korea win the first Olympic soccer bronze medal.

After moving to Guangzhou Puri, a professional football club in China in 2014, he has been playing in Busan ever since returning to Korea in 2019 after going through Al Jazeera Club and Emirates Club in the United Arab Emirates.

Busan expects Park Jong-woo, who has played in 196 K-League games and scored 10 goals and 25 assists, to play a central role in the team based on his rich experience.

Park Jong-woo said, “I had a great desire to spend the last part of my career with Busan,” and “I will do my best in my position in the new season. As a player who knows the traditions of Busan, I will take the lead.”

Busan also signed new contracts with goalkeeper Koo Sang-min (32), defenders Park Ho-young (24) and Han Hee-hoon (33), and midfielder Seong Ho-young (24).

Koo Sang-min, who has been active as the team’s gatekeeper since the 2016 season, said, “I will do my best to promote this year.”

Park Ho-yong, who played an active part in the 2021 season but only played two games due to an injury last season, said, “I will help the team this year.” told

Seong Ho-young, who secured his place in the team by increasing his playing time from the second half of last season, said, “I will try to show a better image this year than last year.”

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