Since the advent of the personal computer, similar technologies have gained worldwide popularity. Games, for example, had become very popular in the early 80’s as more and more people started turning to them in their free time. It’s evident that popularity has grown almost exponentially since then, with more sophistication finding its way into the game and graphics in general, making the experience more wholesome and enjoyable. Video games are being created around the world by thousands of developers every day, and many find a welcome audience in their target age group. The only blessing that is always associated with games is this entertainment and it is no doubt the main reason everyone considers games as the ultimate stress reliever.

While games have yet to find their way onto personal computers, they are still being enjoyed by people all over the world. Be it the good old Snakes and Ladders or the regional card and board game, everyone really enjoys playing such games. Competitions are organized and bets are taken on great players as far back as human history can remember.

With the advent of computers, things started to change drastically for the better. Developers emerged and created games that took advantage of the graphics capabilities of personal computers, technological advancements of the 80s that formed the basis of new games for a long time afterward. In time, play entered the household, became an integral part of it, found its way into the hands of children and adults via handheld devices, and became common throughout the world. It was then that the side effects of this source of entertainment were discussed in many forums. People who are addicted to games become isolated and anti-social, living in a virtual world which often causes depression over time. Kids spend more time playing computer games than they do on the field or learning to get fat and lethargic, and so do adults.

However, one thing that many have overlooked over the course of gaming history is the huge advantage it has; the bright side of this interesting picture. With each passing day, more and more experts recognized the advantages of playing the game for a limited time per day, and trends started to change again. Although excessive gaming can lead to depression and isolation, controlled and healthy gaming can actually play 안전놀이터opposite role: as a stress reliever for people who have ever felt sad or depressed by taking their minds off the worries of their life. It has been documented that playing games helps fight stress, whether it be from an argument with a loved one or friend, or from dreading the pressure of a test. Be near your personal computer or game console or simply an online gaming portal, the next time you get into a fight and you will figure it out yourself.

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