It was an unavoidable farewell, but it was a shock to the person receiving the notice.

The KIA Tigers announced the replacement of all two foreign pitchers on the 6th. Newly introduced Mario Sanchez and Thomas Panoni, who played together last year, join the new team. Adonis Medina has already packed up and left after receiving a notice of release on the 4th. But Shawn Anderson was in transit with the squad.

Anderson was completely unaware of his replacement. He accompanied the Incheon expedition and watched the game from the bench with the players until the game on the 5th. On this day, he even had a conversation with catcher Kim Tae-gun, who joined by trade, and was delighted with the team’s great victory.

However, the very next day, Anderson’s release was confirmed. Anderson received a notice of release on the afternoon of the 6th, the last day of the Incheon expedition. It is rumored that he was shocked by the unexpected notification. In fact, the KIA club is by no means happy to say goodbye to Anderson. He was praised for his sincerity and good work ethic. He got along well with the KIA players, and was seen trying to adapt quickly to Korean culture. Club officials said, “He was a really great player in terms of personality.”

But at the end of the trouble, I had no choice but to say goodbye. This is because it is a cold-hearted assessment that Anderson’s ability to manage the game or how he competes with hitters in the KBO League is less competitive. Manager Kim Jong-guk also regretted, “There was a bit of a monotonous pitch. When I started, the ability to lead 6 or 7 innings seemed to be lacking. I judged that a foreign pitcher was not good at this level.”

In fact, Anderson’s season performance was not extremely poor, with an average ERA of 3.76 with 4 wins and 7 losses in 14 games. Of the 14 games he played, he also had eight quality starts. He has also recorded consecutive quality starts in his last three games. However, inside him, he had no choice but to look into the simple sexual side. It was judged that the fact that they only had 1 win and 2 losses even after a quality start was lack of strength to continue the situation leading the game.메이저사이트

However, Anderson was more shocked by the release notice as he had been performing well in his most recent appearances. Anderson, still unmarried, had his long-awaited girlfriend having just arrived in South Korea in early July. Anderson’s girlfriend also watched the starting pitching in Jamsil on the 2nd. Just as she is about to start living together in Korea, she is forced to pack again as she leaves the team.

Of course, Anderson is well aware that the professional world is cold. He soon recovered his shock and said goodbye to the KIA squad. At this meeting, Anderson soothed his regret by saying, “I was with you from the beginning of spring camp, but I am very sorry that I couldn’t be with you until the end. I will cheer for the Tigers to achieve good results until the end.”

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