Bae Ji-hwan’s team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, is on a rough road.

Local media, including Milwaukee’s local public broadcaster “CBS58,” introduced what the Pirates team experienced while moving from Chicago to Milwaukee on the 17th (Korea Standard Time).

The Pittsburgh team boarded a bus to travel to Milwaukee after the final game of three consecutive away games against the Chicago Cubs on the 16th.

The distance between Chicago and Milwaukee is about 148 kilometers, and it takes about an hour and a half by car. Due to the close distance, Major League Baseball players also use buses, not airplanes, to travel between the two cities.

The bus carrying the team was escorted by the police, just like any other away trip.

However, Illinois police, who were 메이저놀이터 escorting the bus, found something strange while driving on Highway 94. I noticed that the team bus was driving on a whim.

According to “CWB Chicago,” the police initially requested an ambulance because they thought there was a problem with the driver’s health.

The truth was separate. A 61-year-old man named Ronald E. Punderbuck, who was driving the bus, was arrested on the spot after a police investigation found him drunk.

Details such as blood alcohol levels were not disclosed. The squad then arrived safely in Milwaukee and entered a three-game away game against the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Pirates club said, “The most important thing is that all of the team members have safely arrived in Milwaukee. We used the bus provided by the contractor that we used on this expedition. “We are communicating with the parties involved in this matter,” he said.

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