“ At the party government hearing on October 13 , 2017 , the story that Lim Dong-ho, former top member of the Democratic Party of Korea, heard from Lim Jong-seok, former chief of staff at the Blue House, may be the most important statement in this case.” On the 12th , at the hearing of the Seoul Central District Court Criminal Division 21-3 (Presiding Judge Jang Yong-beom) in the Ulsan Mayor’s Election Intervention Case, the prosecution said this after the witness Joo Mo’s testimony was over. Joo, who is an aide to former supreme council member Im and a former Ulju-gun regional chairperson of Ulsan Mayor of the Democratic Party, said in court that former supreme council member Lim received messages from the Blue House discouraging him from running in the 2018 local elections through various channels. 토토 Previously, former supreme council member Lim also testified in court that he was held back from running by being offered a high-paying public institution head position called ‘Level 1’ or ‘Level A’. The reason why the prosecutor’s side mentioned ‘the most important statement in this case’ after about 2 years and 10 months of the trial is because Joo’s testimony contains specific circumstances of pressure from high-ranking officials in the Blue House, which have not been revealed in the prosecution’s statement or court testimony. Mr. Joo is a former supreme council member of the 2018

Prior to February 2008, I attended a party and government hearing held at the Blue House, and Im said that former chief executive officer Lim had called the former supreme council member separately during the regular session. At this time, Mr. Joo claims that Lim said, “Since the position has been discussed, it would be good if you stop running.”

Mr. Joo said, “I heard that the position was offered from the time of the party government hearing. I heard that it was like, ‘ Since the conversation with the VIP (President) is over, accept it,’” said Lim, former member of the Supreme Council at the time. According to Mr. Joo, former supreme council member Lim met another member of the Democratic Party after the party government hearing . You can follow it,” he said. To Mr. Joo’s remarks, not only the prosecutor, but also the accused, former chief Han, responded as “very important.” On February 12 , 2018

, Mr. Joo actually witnessed a scene in which former Supreme Council member Lim received a call from former chief Han and the Blue House personnel office, and said that he remembered some conversations as the call was made on speaker phone. As far as he can remember, the former chief’s comment was, “Think about it carefully. It is said that he said, “Do you really want to run when it is difficult?” Former Supreme Commissioner Lim said, “The call is coming from BH (Blue House) even in his private seat. I am worried,” he said. The 2018 suspicion of Cheong Wa Dae’s intervention in the Ulsan mayoral election

For the election of former Ulsan Mayor Song Cheol-ho, an old friend of former President Moon Jae-in, during the 2018 local elections, the police investigated the opposing party’s candidate Kim Ki-hyun, and the Blue House blocked former Mayor Song’s party rival from running. The Blue House refused to conduct a search and seizure by the prosecution despite the issuance of a warrant by the court. Since the indictment of Mayor Song and others in January 2020 , only the trial in the first instance has been ongoing for nearly three years. In a phone call with the Kukmin Ilbo, former supreme council member Lim said, “I don’t do interviews. I’m sorry,” he said.

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