When a North Korean drone invaded our airspace on the 26th of last month, it was found that the military recognized that it was an ‘abnormal wake’ only six minutes after the first trace was caught on the radar.

According to the interim results of the war readiness inspection on the overall response to North Korean UAVs conducted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the 6th, it was confirmed that at around 10:19 am of the same day, the military’s local air defense radar detected the first traces of UAVs in North Korea. Then, around 10:25, an additional drone track was identified as it moved south and approached the Military Demarcation Line ( MDL ).

The drone was captured by the detection asset six minutes earlier than 10:25 a.m., when the Joint Chiefs of Staff announced that it had first identified the drone.

An official from the Joint Chiefs of Staff explained, “10:25 is the time when the radar operator first recognized the drone.”

Some 안전놀이터 have raised the possibility that they did not pay attention when the track was first caught in North Korea, but then kept an eye on it as it continued to move south, and the possibility that the operator could not distinguish this track from other tracks from the beginning.

The inspection team is also investigating whether and when the 1st Corps and Joint Chiefs of Staff first spotted the unmanned aerial vehicle headed for Seoul and transmitted it to the Capital Defense Command, which defends Seoul.

The North Korean drone that invaded South Korean airspace this time is a small 2m class, and it is known that it appears on radar as large enough to be indistinguishable from balloons or flocks of birds.