Free agent outfielder Lee Myung-gi is a winning member of the KIA Tigers. In 2017, he moved to the SK Wyverns in a trade with catcher Kim Min-sik. As soon as he put on the Tigers uniform, he flew. 

He appeared in 115 games, primarily as a leadoff. In 512 plate appearances, he posted a batting average of 3.3, 2.0, 9 homers, 63 RBI, 79 runs and 8 stolen bases. He had an on-base percentage of 3.7 1, slugging percentage of . 4.5 9 and an OPS of .830. 

He won the combined championship with a strong lead-off performance and a big bang lineup with 7 300 hitters at the fore. It was the first championship ring of his life. 바카라 When SK won the championship, I mainly stayed in the 2nd team. That’s how he took his place as the Tigers’ starting pitcher, but in 2019, news of a sudden trade flew in.

In exchange for Lee Woo-sung, he wore an NC uniform. It also shined in NC. As soon as he transferred, he hit 30% in 59 games, and in 2020, he played an active role in the first championship of the founding with a batting average of 30.6%, 72 points, and an on-base rate of 30.7%. He put his second championship ring on his hand. 

However, it was revealed that he attended the 2021 Corona 19 drinking party, and it started to get twisted. He was disciplined and blew the entire second half, and the 2022 season sat down to 2.6. He applied for the free agent qualification he obtained a year late, but no one reached out. NC is also known to have no intention of contracting coldly. 

Class C seemed to be advantageous for transfer because there was no player compensation. His career batting average is 307. At the age of 35, he has not yet attracted attention from other clubs, although he still has the skills to play. Even though he’s a C grade, the lack of love calls means signing and trading is difficult. 

There is also no possibility of going to KIA, his former team. Because the outfield is overflowing. A KIA official said, “Currently, our outfield is overflowing. Lee Myung-gi still has the ability to use it, but there is no room even if he wants to bring it.”  

Na Seong-beom and Socrates Brito are the starting pitchers in right field and center field, respectively. Here, Lee Chang-jin is close to the starting position in left field. Backup agent Kim Ho-ryeong and young promising player Kim Seok-hwan are waiting in the back. Lee Woo-sung, who was the subject of exchange for Lee Myung-gi, and Ko Jong-wook, a 30% hitter in total, are also included. 

Moreover, when Choi Won-joon, who is about to be discharged from Sangmu, returns in early June, the outfield is overflowing to the point of needing traffic control. Even if he wants to bring Lee Myung-gi, it is not easy to execute. The other team’s outfield situation is similar. It can’t be a lonely free agent with two championship rings.

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