The U18 softball team finished in 5th place at the 2023 U18 Women’s Softball Asia Cup.

Korea, led by coach Jae-ho Jang, won 15-1, 4th inning run-ahead, in the ranking match against Singapore held at China’s Pingtan Softball Stadium on the 2nd.온라인카지노

As a result, Korea ended the competition in 5th place. Korea entered the ranking match after failing to advance to the super round.

In the final of the tournament held on the 3rd, Japan, ranked 2nd in the softball world rankings, and Taiwan, ranked 3rd, faced each other, and Japan defeated Taiwan 1-0 to win.

In the individual award category of the competition, there were three winners, including Kim Ji-yoon, who won the most stolen bases award, Seo Da-in (Future Star Award), and Song Min-ju (All-Star Award, second baseman category).

Coach Jae-ho Jang said, “I am disappointed that I was not able to achieve my goal of placing third,” and added, “I personally saw and felt a lot through this competition. I will do my best as a coach so that our country can produce players who can compete with world players in skill.” “I will do my best,” he said.

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