Scarlett Bordeaux (31, USA), a professional wrestler, model and singer active in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), the world’s best professional wrestling organization, showed off her fantastic figure.

Bordeaux, who boasts the best looks in the WWE, 안전놀이터 recently showed off his charm by posting a bikini photo taken in Fort Lauderdale, a famous resort city in Florida, USA on his SNS. In the photo, Bordeaux, wearing a yellow bikini, sniped men’s hearts with her strong muscles trained through wrestling and her enchanting S-line.

Born in Romania, Bordeaux immigrated to the United States at the age of four. He has a talent for singing. He majored in musicals in high school and college, but his excellent athleticism led him to enter professional wrestling at the age of 21. Bordeaux, who started his career in Ohio Valley Wrestling, stood out for his flashy looks as well as his hot fighting style.

After going through Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling, Bordeaux entered WWE in 2019, the dream of wrestlers. Bordeaux is showing off the dignity of a female wrestler by advancing to the championship five times. She also works as both a singer and a model, exuding her colorful charm.

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