“Strayly? The slider is really good… but the fastball is worse than before.”

Rumors of replacement are spreading. It is the Lotte Giants who have already changed one foreign player. There is still one replacement card left.

Strayley had a serious slump in the first half. He made 16 starts and 80⅓ innings, barely passing 5 innings per game. In the first year of his KBO debut, he has long since lost his ace appearance, where he recorded 15 wins and an average ERA of 2.50 in 194⅔ innings.

It also lost the trust of the director. He has had only four quality starts all season, and five times he has been grounded before the fifth inning. ‘Kkuyeoktu’, which barely passed 5 innings, is also 6 games.

Although Han Hyun-hee was recruited and Lee In-bok returned from injury, Lotte is a team that cannot be said to have a strong starting team. Barnes is repeatedly pitching ‘pongdangpongdang’ up and down, and Kyunan Na, who had a hot April, is slowing down after an elbow injury. Glasses ace Park Se-woong also suffered 6 runs in 5⅔ innings against the LG Twins on the 8th, the last game of the first half. Han Hyun-hee and Lee In-bok are in a situation where they go up and down the starting lineup and the bullpen.

Lotte finished the first half with a win rate of 50% and 4th place, which had been sluggish with 9 wins and 16 losses in June and 2 wins and 6 losses in July. A situation where a turning point to change the atmosphere is absolutely necessary. This is the reason why additional replacement of foreign players is likely.

Last season, during the All-Star break, DJ Peters was expelled and Jack Rex was recruited. Then, after giving three more chances in the second half, Glenn Sparkman was released and Strayley was re-recruited.

This year, ahead of the All-Star Game, Nico Goodrum was recruited instead of Rex. Will Strayley be given a chance to restore his honor?

The Lotte club, which has been watching carefully, is accelerating negotiations on foreign replacements by narrowing down the target players as much as possible. The replacement may be made prior to the opening of the second half on the 21st.메이저사이트

What is the problem? A veteran hitter I met at the All-Star Week site cautiously commented on Strayley, saying, “Now I have become a pitcher who only needs to be careful with the slider.” Sliders are still powerful. However, the problem is that the fastball restraint, which once reached 150 km, has fallen to a level that barely exceeds 140 km. The position is also not as good as before.

Lotte had 4 players in the Futures All-Star Game and 9 players on the day of the All-Star Game. However, the Lotte team reported that the team had completed a two-day ‘rest’ and resumed training from the 16th.

During the All-Star break, Strayley went on a trip to Gangwon-do, including visiting Legoland in Chuncheon with his family, to cool his head. He must have suffered from rumors such as ‘Leaving from the airport’ and suffered a lot. An official from the Lotte club said, “Strayly joined the team and is quietly focusing on training.”

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